Welcome to Noble County

As already noted by the government and across the society, the rate of ageing in Korea is unusually fast such that it is hard to find its equivalent in the world.
According to statistic data, the proportion of those over 65 years old in the society is currently 15%, and it is predicted to reach 20% in 2025, and over 30% by 2036, qualifying Korea as a super aged society.
Especially considering the low birth rate (1.19 the lowest in OECD), the rate of society ageing may be even faster than the prediction above, and this calls for awareness of crisis in society and preparation that is both diverse and efficacious

  • Leader of C.C.R.C (Continuing Care Retirement Community) “Samsung Noble County”

    “Samsung Nobel County”, which was opened by Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation in May 2001, is different from previous care institutions in that it is a realization of the new concept of C.C.R.C incorporating 「A Combination of Housing, Medicine, Culture and Sports in the Style of Retirement Institutions in Developed Countries」.

    Samsung Noble County is C.C.R.C that occupies approximately 55 acres of land and 555 households (I.L.U 479, A.L.U 76). It is located near Suwon Youngtong New City, and features convenient and comfortable housing and medical facilities, as well as cultural and sports leisure facilities and others for comprehensive catering of needs in life after retirement. Residents normally lead their life in the Living House, and use the facilities (Culture Center, Sports Center etc.), and in the case where health deteriorates or requires constant care, can move into Nursing Home and receive professional nursing service.
  • Running a Nursery and Facilities Open to the Public for Integration across Generations and within Local Community

    “Noble County” is proud in its approach to solve the problem of isolation of older people by running a 「nursery」 within C.C.R.C and opening up all the facilities in Culture Center and Sports Center to local residents, thus creating an integrated community of three generations including local people and children. This noteworthy feature facilitates interaction between generations as well as with the local community, and contributes towards renewing the public conception of preparation for the old age and the social culture of respecting the old.
  • Introducing Housing Facilities

    Living House (20 floors above ground, 3 floors underground, two buildings) is living space for healthy residents and can house approximately 555 households (I.L.U 479, A.L.U 76). The living quarter is carefully designed with due considerations for needs of residents, for example no thresholds indoor, anti-slipping tiles, hand-rails in important paths, halogen cookers to avoid risks of gas cookers and call buttons in case of emergency.

    Also, wide-ranged and sincere housekeeping service is provided for more comfortable life after retirement. Firstly, three meals a day are prepared in the resident-only dining hall in the 7th floor. Approximately 600 menus, with consideration of residents’ tastes as well as health needs, are offered to provide varied culinary enjoyment. Only the best ingredients are used, and meticulous hygiene control and kind serving guarantee satisfaction. Other service includes twice-weekly house cleaning, laundry service of bed linens, to ease housekeeping even further.

    There are currently about 700 healthy old-age residents in the Living House. In the case of a couple living in a 99㎡~238㎡ apartment, taking the year 2021 as standard, the deposit of 190,000~870,000 us$ and monthly payment of 4,030~5,050 us$ for the living cost is required. The deposit is fully refunded when the resident moves out, and the monthly living cost includes the cost of three meals a day, managing fee, healthcare, facility fees and miscellanies so that more convenient, rich and carefree retirement life can be enjoyed.

    The Living House A for 283 households was opened in May 1 2001, and have been running securely. The Living House B for 272 households was further opened in May 2006, and is continuing to recruit residents even now. Environmentally friendly materials have been used in interior architecture, and functionality of living facilities for convenience of older residents has been emphasized to provide comfortable living environment. Also, there are various activities and community space such as cooking lessons and craft rooms, providing popular meeting places where residents can lead active life and interact with others.
  • Introducing Medical Care

    A clinic is run, providing regular health checks and professional treatment, and features four departments including the internal department, the department of neurology, and the rehabilitation department. Especially, nurses are on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency, and in the case where further treatment is required, a network is in place to access Samsung Medical Center (with which an association contract has been made) as well as other closely located hospitals of distinction such as Bundang Seoul University Hospital and Aju University Hospital.

    For residents who find it difficult to live independently for reasons such as Alzheimer’s disease, palsy, paralysis and other health issues, Nursing Home provides 24-hour professional nursing care service. There is a choice from single rooms to quadruple rooms according to residents’ liking, and medical facilities such as automated bathrooms and physiotherapy rooms as well as nurses with kind hearts and professional expertise ensure that residents enjoy the best possible experiencewhile being cared for.

    Currently, there are approximately 170 residents occupying the Nursing Home. A deposit of 45,000 us$ and monthly payment of approximately 4,100 us$ for living and nursing cost (quadruple room, year 2021) guarantees professional and high-quality care service.
  • Introducing Cultural and Sports Facilities

    The Culture Center can be used by residents and local residents alike, and contains

    a wide range of facilities including a library, an artlier, karaoke rooms, conference rooms, financial centers, travel agents, a barbershop and a beauty salon, so that residents can pursue various interests and hobbies as well as everyday living. Also, the Sports Center, the best in C.C.R.C across the country, features an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, an indoor sports hall (badminton courts, table tennis etc.), an exercise prescription room and a golf practice field.
  • Hoping for a Desirable Alternative for a New Trend of Respecting the Old in the Society

    It is not merely the old-age population which increases in our society, but also the desire for actively pursuing happiness in the life after retirement. In light of this, it is of paramount importance that a new concept of respecting older people and welfare provision is prepared at the level of the society, and C.C.R.C gain significance as a desirable solution.

    It is predicted that the extremely fast rate of increase in old-age population in Korea will give rise to more C.C.R.C that provide more structured and expert service. Samsung Noble County is anticipated to receive favorable evaluation as a exemplary and prominent case of old-age welfare institution in our increasingly ageing country.